Spirit child


Spirit work


Your crisis in a troubled time can serve as a doorway to your awakening.

I can feel in my bones how depleted our world is of potent sexual life-force energy and deep pleasure.

Clients come to me struggling with depression (repressed anger), anxiety (energy that needs to move), and an inability to let go of control and trust. 

They tell me they’ve lost their voice. That they’re disconnected from their creative fire and unable to connect to both their heart and their sexuality, which keeps them disconnected from themselves and their partner(s). They feel spiritually adrift, unfulfilled, severed from their culture, ancestry and the land.

To heal these splits and move towards liberation of self and others, we must unlearn internalized patriarchy, for it is our need for dominion and control that strangles the life force from our relationships with ourselves, each other and the planet. 

In order to unlearn this destructive way of living we must reconnect to our intuitive, eros, spirit-filled way of relating to ourselves and the world around us.

The revolution must start in the body.

Melissa Kaplan

Welcome. I’m Melissa Kaplan, 

founder of EmBody the Revolution.

Somatic Therapist. Sexual-Spiritual Activist. Erotic Mystic. Honest Outlaw. 

I’m here to support you in reclaiming your disowned and exiled parts: your sexuality, spirituality, eroticism, intuition and spirit child so you can fully inhabit the embodied aliveness of your naked truth.


Be Aware:

Breaking free from internalized patriarchy to walk on your sovereign path will require everything of you. The journey is a simultaneous rebirthing and unraveling.

And it will deliver all of you to you… 

Your sexuality, creativity, eroticism and spirituality.

The intimacy you crave with both yourself, others and nature.

A strong sense of purpose (I call spirit work) that wakes you up in the morning on fire to do what you’re here to do.  

The ability to relax, trust and let go of control.

And it all starts right here, right now, with your choice to go on a journey.

"But when we begin to live from within outward, in touch with the power of the erotic within ourselves, and allowing that power to inform and illuminate our actions upon the world around us, then we begin to be responsible to ourselves in the deepest sense."

Audre Lorde


“Working with Melissa is helping me communicate and express myself more effectively in relationships. I also feel more calm in general because I’m not holding emotions in my body.” 


“Thank you for continuing to support me on my path. And for not letting me do what I've done to so many relationships as a result of destructive patterns, fear, and fatigue.”


“Melissa has helped me tune into my body and feel empowered to make decisions and trust myself. I wish everyone could have Melissa in their life.” 

What is the

Perhaps you don’t have sex with your partner anymore or you have sex but don’t have the emotional intimacy you crave. You may feel like you can’t have both at the same time.

The truth is: you can.
When you heal the heart-sex split.

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Heart-Sex Split?