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Work with Melissa Privately

Melissa currently has a full practice, but if you’re interested in working with her one-on-one in her 3- or 6-month programs, click the button below to be added to her waitlist.

Beginning in January 2024, join an Online Process Group to build your capacity for intimacy and connection in order to meet these turbulent times.

for creatives, new era leaders & healers

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What working with Melissa looks like:

Reclaiming Lost Parts

Gathering all the undesirables: the exiled parts of you that live in your body and contain depths of creative power and sexual life force. This energy is your divine birthright. Your spirit child buried these parts in order to survive. We reclaim these lost parts.

Getting Primal

Meeting and moving through primal negative impulses, bringing consciousness to all to access the awakening force of eros. This is more primal than shadow work. 

Giving Permission

Giving yourself permission to feel everything, which frees up stuck energy, dissolves defense patterns and heals trauma. Rage, bottomless grief, spontaneous pleasure, ecstatic joy: it is all welcome in this work.

Being Radically Honest

Releasing everything you thought was true about yourself while uncovering the truth of who you really are requires a level of honesty with yourself and others that’s both terrifying and enlivening. This is essential on the path to finding your true spirit work in this lifetime.

Becoming Liberated

Being willing to do this type of profound life-changing inner work sets you on a path of embodied aliveness and true liberation.

We cannot heal the collective trauma of our time until we meet our own trauma held in our bodies.

We must learn our defensive patterns in order to unleash our creativity and love. Through increasing our capacity to feel our grief, we can meet pleasure in unexpected and astonishing ways. The reclamation of our healed erotic and access to pleasure is a key component of this process. Through the comprehensive journey that unfolds in EmBody the Revolution you can discover your calling and come home to your full, whole sovereign self.


“Working with Melissa is helping me communicate and express myself more effectively in relationships. I also feel more calm in general because I’m not holding emotions in my body.” 


“Thank you for continuing to support me on my path. And for not letting me do what I've done to so many relationships as a result of destructive patterns, fear, and fatigue.”


“Melissa has helped me tune into my body and feel empowered to make decisions and trust myself. I wish everyone could have Melissa in their life.” 

What is the

Perhaps you don’t have sex with your partner anymore or you have sex but don’t have the emotional intimacy you crave. You may feel like you can’t have both at the same time.

The truth is: you can.
When you heal the heart-sex split.

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Heart-Sex Split?